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Waiver Services

Supportive In Home Services:

In-Home Support services are residential services that take place in the individual’s home, family home, or community settings and typically supplement the primary care provided by the individual, family or other unpaid caregiver. Services are designed to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the individual and work on building skills.  All Areas.

Community Coaching:

Community Coaching  services are designed for individuals who need one to one support in order to build a specific skill or set of skills to address a particular barrier(s) preventing a person from participating in activities of Community Engagement.  Richmond area only.

Community Guide:

Community Guide Services include direct assistance to promote individuals’ self-determination through brokering community resources that lead to connection to and independent participation in integrated, independent housing or community activities so as to avoid isolation.
This service involves face-to-face contact with the individual to determine the individual’s specific interests, which may lead to typical community activities or settings in which the individual will engage or reside. In addition to primarily engaging face to face with the individual to identify and explore community resources, there is a component of supporting the individual that may occur without him/her present.
Community Guide services involve helping the individual identify the type of community options which maximize the individual’s opportunities for meaningful engagement and growth in independence. The Community Guide will provide the in-depth individualized assistance needed to connect with community activities and foster engagement distinct from the activities provided through routine support coordination.
This service is designed to be short-term and periodic in nature. Floyd area only.

Mental Health
Skill Building

Floyd area only.

  • Provides training in or reinforcement of functional skills and appropriate behavior related to health, safety, activities of daily living and access to community resources;
  • Supports medication management and related issues;
  • Monitors health both mental and physical;
  • Monitors nutrition and physical condition

540-585-4078 Floyd Area

177 Gracie Lane, Floyd, VA 24091

804-823-3940 Richmond Area

8096-A Elm Dr. Mechanicsville, VA 23111

How To Access Services


Thank you for considering Strengthening Our System Inc. Please review the next steps of the referral process.


Step One

Fill out referral form (click here to download the form)

Who Can Make a Referral?

  • Family Members              
  • Support Coordinators
  • Individual Needing Support

Please fill out the form with as much information as possible and either email or fax to the closest office location.


Step Two

A representative from the program will contact you to review information and schedule a time to meet together. At that time we will gather additional information about service needs, scheduling, and preferences so that we can best serve you.


Step Three

The team will work on completing/reviewing assessments, creating a plan for support and schedule, reviewing staff options, and sending information for authorization of service.


 from a couple of our direct support professionals (DSP)

“I had a calling to work with people; I love to see them smile when they see me . I go home feeling good that I took care of someone that’s really in need…… This is not my quote but I read it and it’s meaningful to me… when you are a DSP you know that every day you will touch a life or life will touch yours. Author unknown.

Leasa Hickman

“It’s hard to put into words how I feel about my “job” because it doesn’t feel like a job most days. When I head to my clients house I am not filled with dread like most jobs people have. I wonder what kind of day he has had and what kind of evening it will be.  I always have a plan but know if it has not been a good day we will let him lead what we do. That’s one of my favorite parts, no matter what kind of day he had at school I will make that day a little better simply by being there. Time is precious and that is what we do together is enjoy using our time to uplift his spirits while we teach each other life lessons. I may be helping him learn to express his feelings while he is teaching me that the patience to listen with my heart is just as important as words. I may be helping him learn to stay seated in the car but he is teaching me to enjoy each ride in the car. Not all days are fun- some days are hard and that is when I feel the most useful. It is easy to get through the good days. We need support through the hard ones and that’s what I am for.   As a DSP I feel that I get more than I give. 

Carolyn Hicks

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