COVID-19 Update

Strengthening Our System Inc. is continuing to closely monitor the spread of COVID-19 to ensure we are taking the proper precautionary measures for individuals and employees. The Management team continues to review information from CDC as well as the Virginia Dept. of Health and guidelines through DBHDS (Office of Licensing & Office of Human Rights).

As summertime is wrapping up it looks like COVID-Delta Variant is ramping up!

SOS Inc. wants everyone to keep the following in mind:
– Remain vigilant with hand washing and social distancing whenever possible.

– If close proximity is necessary as well as entering crowded public places we encourage the use of masks and  are encouraging individuals as well to wear masks.

– Please abide by protocols and self-monitoring procedures.

– Communicate with supervisor if possible exposure/symptoms

– SOS Inc has masks & gloves available so reach out if running low.

– Vaccines are available and if you need assistance locating places please contact Alane Jackson, HR Director at (540)392-6706

Thank you for continuing the great work!